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Familial Mediterranean Fever is an inherited disease caused by a mutation in the MEFV gene. Familial Mediterranean Fever is characterised by chest, abdominal and joint pain with inflammation and elevated temperature. It falls under a category of diseases that are extremely difficult to diagnose and treat including, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and Fabry disease. Familial Mediterranean Fever usually affects a demographic of those from a Mediterranean background and commonly manifests between the ages of 5 and 15.


How long do the bouts of chest, abdominal, joint pain and inflammation last during an attack?

Most exacerbations of symptoms last between two and four hours.


What are some of the signs and symptoms of Familial Mediterranean Fever?
  • Sufferers experience difficultly with breathing due to inflammation around the lining of the lungs (Pleuritis) and heart (pericarditis).
  • Pain in the Abdominal area with a similar feeling and intensity to that experienced with appendicitis
  • Painful achy joints with swelling and elevated temperature


How is Familial Mediterranean Fever diagnosed?

The disease is complicated and still difficult to diagnose. There is no definitive test that Hs been developed to scientifically and reliably diagnose the disease. Familial Mediterranean Fever is a disease that may well have components of other inherited disease. For information on ways to help diagnose these types of conditions please refer to the links at the bottom of this page. If genetic testing shows you the mutation of the MEFV gene known to be associated with this condition, and the symptoms match a typical pattern, the diagnosis is usually easier to make. Ruling out other possible diseases using laboratory tests or x-rays will help determine the diagnosis.



The goal of treatment for Familial Mediterranean Fever is to control symptoms. Health specialists may prescribe Col-gout or Colchicine, to help reduce swelling and help prevent systemic amyloidosis.

Chiropractic is not a treatment for any systemic disease but through a patient assessment for a chiropractic condition (back or neck pain) a chiropractor may find symptoms and refer on to a GP and other routes for diagnosis and treatment.


Where can I find help and more information about Familial Mediterranean Fever?
In Australia

Call your health care provider if you or your child develop symptoms of this condition

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