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Memory Foam Pillows

Chiropractic memory foam pillows are selectively made to provide contoured support for the neck and shoulders while resting in bed. Our supply of memory foam Complete Sleeper pillows provide optional removable inserts that can be adjusted to suit all forms of sleeping posture. Of course there are different densities of memory foam and we can recommend the right pillow for you. Ask us for a demonstration of memory foam pillows for chiropractic and home use, we’ll be happy to help!

Tens Units

These are great for some gentle muscle contraction and hypothetically helps take away the true sensation of pain by interfering with the central transmission of pain. By giving the body another sensation to think about, a Tens unit may help temporarily ease pain in muscles and joints.


Orthotics are used for flat feet and collapsed arches. Many of us don’t realize the benefits of orthotic inserts but they may also help correct foot biomechanics by providing arch support. A comfortable foot and gait pattern helps maintain proper posture and biomechanics throughout the lower extremity into the spine. Some of us may have a congenital short leg and a heel lift could help correct a leg length discrepancy. Usually an X-ray can help with incidental findings of a short leg.

Lumbar Back Braces

There are times when acute spasm and injury requires the use of aq back brace or lumbar support. Using a back brace provides support to the lower back and structures while preventing excessive movement and further injury. We can help with selection of back braces and recommend not to become reliant on them.

Knee Braces

Knee supports are important to use for many knee pain related symptoms. Our selection of knee braces helps patients continue rehab and exercise within safe guidelines.

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